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Sunday, October 6, 2019

How to Get Freepik Premium Vector for Free

How to Get Freepik Premium Vector for Free
Hi welcome back to my blog, in this section I will share a new trick, yeah, that's about freepik for sure. I've try so many thing since the trick has died two weeks ago.. And now, not easy to find new bug. Maybe, the freepik devs have secure their system (again) and prevent the user injecting VCC. I guess the new way I share could help you, and this is better way or 'legal' then the way before. Lol

For the new trick, you must take at least 1 day for waiting.. Yeah, it will not easy to wait, but the free trick will always help you, you just need to wait until your content is downloaded by admin or moderator.

For those who asked me in youtube comment, I feel sorry for not replying your comment. Because I did nothing to share with you for now.

Then, I just found a new way to get premium freepik content for free. And that's Babiato Forum.

If you really want premium vector, feel free to come this forum :
  1. Register an account in
  2. Verify your email by checking the activation in your inbox
  3. After you done the verification process, login to your account.
  4. Feel free to go this forum section :
  5. Put your link in the comment section. And wait your request would be filled!
  6. Don't forget to subscribe my channel! I will always update my trick!
Thank you!
I'm sorry for not replying your comment from creating freepik premium trial account video.

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